There's always been an everlasting dillema: which came first, the chicken or the egg.

We now have the answer: the rabbit!

At the beginning he was happy enough with just a bit of living space, enjoying himself engrossed in his reading in silence. He was well satisfied with a warm room in the wintertime and just occasional attention.

But suddenly, one day, he started to name his own terms. Heavily influenced by the books he'd read, he decided to become more sociable. From now on he wanted to travel, make friends and be a full-time member of society.

He grew thinner and went pale. He was constantly wasting away before our eyes.

And there he was, surrounded by piles of ceramic pads, soft small blankets for kids and those a bit bigger for anyone who freezes too easily – all made as a consolation.

He seemed to live in the lap of luxury / to have everything in abundance, but he was still unhappy. He was perfectly incorruptible.

We had no choice but to...

We had no choice. He demanded the company of his sort.

That's how Hippo, Teddy Macabre-ddy, an apathetic Elephant and Mr Fox came into being.

At last we completed a company for our Rabbit and now they all want to set off and conquer the world.

And here they are now, looking for interesting and well-mannered Owners.

To make it easier to decide which of them you should foster and take home, each of them wrote some short profile of one of their friend. You can find it in each product description.

In the meantime, waiting for the addresses where we'll send them to their new Owners, we're sewing and working on some new dozens of soft and warm blankets for kids who love resting time after dinner and all those a little bit older whose legs freeze too easily. All our products are handmade with fabric of the highest quality. Each of them is a great idea for a gift for your girlfriend, kid or...for yourself!